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David Street School

HERO Parent Portal

David Street School has been using Hero for a number of years now and most of our parents are familiar with it.

Our Parent Portal is used as a way of  communicating your child's:

  • Progress and achievement information
  • proud work examples
  • school newsletters and important information from your child's classroom e.g. class newsletters, things happening in the classroom, class trips
  • School account 

To log into your child’s Hero account and get started, please visit the link below to see how to create your account.

Click Here For Steps On How To Create A Hero Account

It is important that you have provided the school with your email address and the email address you use for Hero is the same one you have provided the school.

If you have never created a Hero Account before 

- Select the 'New User' option and follow the steps

If you have logged in before but cannot remember your password 

- Select the 'Forgot Password' option. 

You will then receive a temporary password to use to log in.

HERO Parent Portal Access - Web version 

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers

Click on the link above or download the App to your phone (see Below)

and Enter your email address (the one you gave the school)

Click on either 'New User' or 'Forgot Password' whichever relates to your situation and then follow the steps.

Download the APP to your Phone

The App is Needed for push notifications and 

Easy access to student learning updates.

Reporting Academic and social progress and achievement

This slide show is a simple explanation of what you will see.

Click here to view the slide show

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