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School Shop FAQ

The correct events are not showing for my child

You may need to up date your child's class and year number. 

These need updating every year as they move classrooms.

Events and Registrations are only available to children in certain class groups / year.

To edit your child's class/yr click on the cogs go to Manage Identities.
You can then edit their classroom and year level.

You can also ADD more children by clicking on 'Add a New Identity'

Can I use the same login for the School Shop and the Home and School Shop?

Yes, your login will work for both shops.

You will need to add your identities (children) to both shops though. They do not carry over from one shop to the other.

What is an Identity?

Identities are your children.

You create the account under your name and add your children as identities.

I don't want to pay by credit card. How do I complete my child's registration?

The David Street School Shop allows you to use "Bank Transfer' as an option At the check out use the drop down menu and choose 'Bank Transfer'

This will then allow you to complete your child's registration and pay later via internet banking or other payment options which include: cash or eftpos at the school office.

Home and School Shop is credit card/debit card only. If this is not an option for you please contact us at the school office. (07) 889-7780

Why am I charged a 2% fee on top of my purchase?

Credit Card Fees

Parents paying by Credit/Debit Card will be charged 2% surcharge on items to cover bank fees & payment gateway fees. This surcharge is not retained by David Street School. Any fees are communicated to parents at time of payment.  

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