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Launchpad Champions, formerly known as Bible in School, is a Ministry of Education approved Christian Values Education program.

 This 30-minute session is held on Friday mornings and is facilitated by local community churches at no cost. 

The 2024 program,  is only available to our Yr 0 to Yr 4 students (Junior and Middle School) this year.

Attendance is not mandatory.   

If you have previously requested your child  ATTEND Launchpad and you are happy for them to continue to do so, there is nothing further you need to do. 

If you would like to withdraw your child from the programme , you must notify the office in writing or via email.

Parents whose children are not currently attending and want their child to attend Launchpad, must complete an opt-in form as per the Ministry of Education's requirements. 


Opt-in forms are available from the office or at the link below

LaunchPad Opt In Form - DSS Version.pdf

 Any changes to attendance preferences can be communicated to the school office in writing or via email and we will update our database. 

For more information on Launchpad Champions please go the their website 

Launchpad Champions

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