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David Street School


Bicycles & Scooters 

Bicycles should be mechanically sound, street legal and ridden by competent cyclists. Children may ride bikes to school from the age of 9 provided they are able to do so safely and wear an approved cycle helmet.  The riding of bikes in the school grounds is not permitted. 
Note: Permission to ride to school may be granted to pupils under 9 years following agreement between parent and the principal.

We love seeing so many children walk, ride or scooter to school as it is a great way of keeping active and also alleviating the pressure of cars at the gate. We do not love the sad faces when scooters are lost.
 Sadly, there is an increasing number of scooters that go missing from the school…. more often than not they are left overnight or on weekends on the school grounds and ‘borrowed’ by our community walking through the school. Others are mistakenly taken by children with the same looking scooter.
Please talk to your children about taking responsibility for their property. Putting identification on bikes and scooters and investing in a good lock is advisable to protect your child’s property.

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