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General Information 

At David St School we are inviting the world into our classrooms through the use of technology. 

We use a wide range of technology in our classrooms. Through home and school partnerships, families have the opportunity to purchase a device for their child to use while at school and continue their learning in an authentic and relevant context at home.
 Digital Immersion

From Year 5 our students become digitally immersed. This means that they have the opportunity to learn in a 1:1 device to student environment. This is achieved through an home and school partnership where parents choose to purchase a device that can be used at school.

The device that students use is called a Chromebook. 


A Chromebook is a mini laptop that uses Google Applications and Software to run. They are easy to use and are thought of as cost-effective tools for our students to use. 


There are many different brands of Chromebooks that can be purchased and all are able to be used on our school network.


Please note: Parents can choose not to purchase a device. This means that the student will still have an account but access to school provided devices will be on a shared basis.

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