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I have a laptop at home. Am I able to use it at school?


While we understand that our families may have a variety of devices at home, bringing these to school raises significant issues and problems. These include issues such as set-up of devices, security issues including malware and viruses, backups of devices, cost.
By using one platform, such as Chromebooks, it solves a variety of these issues in a practical and fair way for all. 

Do I have to purchase a device for my child?

While we encourage our year 5 and 6 students to have devices it is not compulsory. Students will always have access to the internet on school owned devices. However, these devices will be shared with other students and will not be able to go home. 


Can my child play games on a Chromebook?

Anything can be accessed through the web, including games. We encourage and teach students the attitudes and values to be aware of what they need to do and where they need to be online. We also encourage them to talk to parents or teachers if they are unsure. 

Who is responsible for the management of the Chromebook?

Because the Chromebook is considered a learning tool, the student's school user account is managed through our School Administration account. 


Personal Google accounts are only legally allowed for people 13 years and older and therefore are discouraged.
Who is responsible for looking after the device?


While all care will be taken in regards to security and safety while the device is at school, overall responsibility for the device is the students and families responsibility as per our Responsible User Agreement.


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