David Street School

David Street School


Board of Trustees


Our school board is elected every 3 years as the governing body of the school.  The board is responsible for establishing broad policy objectives and supporting the principal, who has the responsibility of managing the day to day operations of the school. 

The board is also responsible for developing the school charter and strategic plan.  These are important documents that specify what our school is about, what directions it should move in, and includes ideas on how to achieve these goals.  

Your Board of Trustees meets monthly.  Dates are advertised in our school newsletters and parents are welcome to attend.


Board Members 

Chairperson:  Rachel Robb

Board Members

Michael Garrud (Deputy Chair)

Jason Stevenson

Carla McKenzie

Deborah Galloway-Riwhi

Teresa Higham

Michelle Fielding (staff representative)

Brian Harrop (Principal)



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