David Street School

David Street School


All children are encouraged to read both at school and at home.  There is ready access to the school library and a host of quality books available.



 Issuing Books

Classes visit the library once a week to issue books, however, the library is open before school at 8.30am and also at lunchtime from 12.40 - 1.15 for children to come in and browse, return and issue books or just relax.

Books are issued for 2 weeks and can be renewed in that time.


Junior  children can issue 1 book at a time.

Seniors and Middle School children can issue 2 books. 


All children are required to have a ‘Book Bag’ (a separate waterproof bag) to take books home so that they are protected from wet togs, squashed fruit, drinks and sandwiches. 

Important Notices