David Street School

David Street School

The Sports Awards - for Excellence in Sports

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McFadyen Cup for Top Girl Athlete

This year the McFadyen Cup awarded for all-round excellence in girls sport goes to...  

Amara Murti

We congratulate our runners up:

Lola Sheehan

Evee Pene

Lilly Lawson

Ayla Byers

Hannah Holten

Haylin Bean

Te Rukei Karauria

Kilpatrick Cup for Top Boy Athlete

The winner of the Kilpatrick Cup is...

Hamish Lochrie

We congratulate our runners up:

Bayley McLeod-Whittington

Brody Dowall

Charlie Hadj-Blaha

Trace Mackay

Moss Bishop

Max Cryer

Rogers Cup Girls Swimming & Robb Family Cup Boys Swimming

The Robb Family Cup for Best Boy Swimmer in 2021 goes to        

Max Cryer

The Rogers Family Cup for Best Girl Swimmer in 2021 goes to    

Lola Sheehan

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