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David Street School

DSS Update 2: Sunday 22 March


Thank you for your positive feedback to our first update and especially the Nathan Wallis video ‘Anxiety and the Coronavirus’. 


Notice from the Ministry of Education: 

‘With the announcement yesterday  that New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 2 – Reduce Contact for COVID-19, people over 70 years of age and those with compromised immunity and certain existing medical conditions are asked to remain at home as much as they can from now on and avoid any non-essential travel. 
 Staff, children and young people in schools and early learning services are therefore asked to follow this advice.’


I spent much of Friday, and a great deal of the weekend fielding questions from parents about whether or not they should send their children to school on Monday. 

The most common concern was around the developing anxiety and wellbeing in their children. Rightly so, whanau sought reassurance that their children were safe to be at school.

All the advice from the Ministries of Health and Education would strongly suggest they are, however, with a rapidly changing situation, not even the Government are able to give a definitive guarantees. For now then, schools remain open until further notice. 


In challenging and uncertain times, the final decision about whether a child comes to school rests with parents. If your child comes to school they will be well cared for. 

Please let the office know first thing in the morning if your child is not coming to school (unless you have already notified us)


Home Learning :

Our teachers have begun the challenging task of deciding the best way to deliver home learning to children. Please be patient with us as we do so amidst a myriad of serious challenges. 

We are taking advice from overseas experiences and researching experts in such things. Here are some of the learnings so far:

  • Keep it simple and fun. Remember parents are not teachers. Do not add to their stress. 
  • Be flexible and equitable because every home situation is different. 
  • Set work that can be done independently and relates to our learner assets. 
  • Everyone including teachers and parents, are under huge stress. Relax. Take your time.  No child will have lifelong challenges if they lose some time from the daily routine of school. The opposite will happen if home learning becomes the reason for family distress.

 Please read the thought-provoking letter below sent to the parents of a school on the other side of the world. It is an interesting perspective and is equally pertinent to teachers

 You are great parents and we have the most amazing children it is our privilege to work with. We will get through this together. 


Letter update 2.pdf

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