David Street School

David Street School

Hi parents and whanau.

As promised, here is the first of our daily update for parents on the Corona Virus situation as it affects our school. 

 For those who are saying the school is closing...

  • All decisions relating to school closure are made at the direction of the Ministries  of Health and Education and confirmed by the Board of Trustees. .
  • 'At this point there is no evidence of community transition in New Zealand and so there is no need to close schools across the country' (Ministry of Health and Education)
  • If  that situation arose , and we don't think that is imminent, then parents would be contacted immediately via our Facebook page,  our school website and a written notice going home. 

Above all, our school is currently focused on:

  • Our children's wellbeing, happiness  and resilience. 
  • Keeping a sense of normality and routine
  • Knowing and practicing safe practices.
  • Answering children's questions in age appropriate ways in line with the video included on this page.
  • Keeping their learning going.
  • Developing learner friendly independent learning resources for use at home in case they are needed in the future.

Today is 'World Happiness Day'  Find some place in your day to take a break from social and the news media. Do something you like to do, and save a smile for your children and perhaps... even a stranger. Then watch this video by clicking on this link:


 Wishing you a 'Happiness Weekend' with your children. 

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