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Parents: Updated at 1.40pm Sunday 24 July

Kia ora whanau

 With term 3 beginning tomorrow we wanted to update you regarding our School Covid Safety Settings the message we sent home on Friday. 

 The government has made a ‘strong recommendation’ that all schools

amend their mask policy for the first four weeks of term 3 to require mask wearing in all indoor settings for students and staff in Years 4 and above.

 Please ensure that children come to school ready to wear masks on Monday.


Our job is not to police mask wearing but to educate. 

We ask that our families reconsider their stand  on mask wearing  in light of the government's current strong recommendation (for next 4 weeks) in the community's interest. 

If you have reason to not wish your Year 4 -6 child to wear a mask, then please notify their classroom teacher or the school office  by Monday morningoffice@davidst.school.nz    

 Masks must be named for safety reasons.


Please take note of the following current school settings:

 In classrooms:

  • Junior school:- Masks optional for staff and children 
  • Middle school:- Teachers and Year 4 students must wear a mask inside. Optional for Year 3 students
  • Senior school:- Teachers and students must wear a mask inside where practical to do so. 
  • Outside : Masks are optional for all children and staff
  • Exemptions: There may be some children and staff who require an exemption. These children  and staff will not be required to wear a mask, nor will they be discriminated against in any way.
  • Mask Breaks: All classrooms will take regular ‘mask breaks’ outside during the day.
  • Routines are in place in all classrooms for keeping masks safe when not in use.

 Parents and Visitors Entering the School

  • We request that visitors wear masks when inside
  • Parents and visitors may enter the school grounds for essential reasons. 
  • Any essential visitors between 9am & 3pm must report to the office first. 

General ongoing hygiene expectations:

  • Regular washing and drying of hands, soap /sanitizing
  • Routines for distancing, and coughing/sneezing are reinforced
  • Windows and doors open as much as possible for ventilation
  • Mask routines are maintained.
  • Keeping children and staff at home when unwell

School Events

In term three we normally have a number of sporting events and parent teacher conferences which we will continue to run this year. Protocols around Parent attendance will be communicated for each event with the hope that parents will be able to attend to watch.  

 We are thankful for our community being understanding of the challenging and ever changing situation Covid has meant for school communities and beyond. More information and clarifications will be shared as needed.


 Brian Harrop  and The Board of Trustees

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