David Street School

David Street School

Delta Level 2 

What parents need to know… The Ministries of Health and Education have provided the following guidelines for schools:

School opens for everyone on Thursday with normal hours and bell times.

  • Care for Kids before and after school is open.
  • Attendance At School: 
    • All students who are well, should come to school.
    • Any child or staff member who is unwell must not be at school. Anyone becoming sick at school must be collected immediately.
    • Please let the school office know before 8.30am if you child is not coming to school. We need to know so we can ensure everyone who is meant to be at school has arrived safely. 
  • Face Masks: 
    • There is no requirement for children and teachers to wear a face mask. It is a matter of personal choice. Parents will decide for their children, supply a suitable mask and ensure they have shown them how to use it. 
    • Visitors to the school must wear a mask.
  • Additional cleaning, hand washing and respecting personal spaces are in place.
  • While the school drinking fountains will be regularly cleaned and operational, we recommend that every child brings their own named bottle of water each day. 
  • There are no minimum distance requirements in schools. Maintaining physical distancing in schools means children and staff will maintain a physical distance so that they are not breathing on, or touching each other. 
  • Coming onto the School Site: 
    • Children may enter and exit any gate. Parents and visitors may not.
    • Parents should not come onto the school site.  While we require parents to drop children off at any of our gates, we understand it may be necessary to accompany especially new children to and from the classroom. Please: You must wear a mask, you must enter at our main gate at David Street, must not enter classrooms and must leave promptly.
    • If you must enter the grounds at the beginning and end of the school day, parents must use the David Street roundabout gate where your contact tracing details will be recorded. Children only may use any of our three entrances.
    • Please keep visits to the school office to a minimum. There is limited space in the office and we will implement a 1 in and 1 out policy. 
  • Contacting Teachers: 
    • If you need to talk to teachers please arrange a time through their personal school email.
  • After School:  
    • Please discuss and arrange a meeting place with your child near the gate for after school. 
    • Crossing Patrols will operate as usual • 
    • School Buses will run to normal timetables. Face Masks are not required to be worn on school buses.

Please do not hesitate to email the principal with any questions or concerns you may have: brianh@davidst.school.nz

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