David Street School

David Street School



For safety and attendance reasons it is important that parents and teachers know where children are.  Please notify the school office on the first day of any absence before 8.55am.  The school secretary will contact family regarding unexplained absentees as a safety measure.  Provided you have rung and explained your child's absence no note is required. 


Call 07 889 7780 and select ‘Absences’ prompt

Lateness & Leaving Early

Children arriving at school late (even by a few minutes) must be signed-in at the office. If you are removing your child from school prior to 3pm, they must also be signed-out.

There is a tablet (VisTab) located at the reception desk specifically for this reason.  

If anyone other than your child's main caregiver/s is removing them from school, please let us know in advance who this will be and approximately what time.

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