David Street School

David Street School

Port Waikato Camp 2019

March 11 - March 15 we would like to begin collecting donations and equipment for camp. These can be brought in to school and given to one of the PC Teachers.
• Non-perishable donations - any time from now.
• Frozen meats - between Monday 11th & Thursday 14th March.
• All perishable items such as fruit can be dropped off at school on Monday 18th March
• Kayaks and Life Vests can be dropped off into the school hall - between Monday 11th & Friday 15th March.
• We have enough tents for students so no longer need support with these.
• Home baking - ‘Nut Free’ (dropped off to the kitchen in Te Ao Marama on Monday 18th March please)
• Camp cookers (gas cookers) - There is a fire ban currently in place, so we will need to use gas cookers on the campout. So can we please use the gas cookers (1 or 2 burners only) that have been offered. These can be dropped off any time from now.

Parent helpers should have received their Camp Booklets this week. If these did not turn up, please let Chris Marks know and he will send another one.

Transport notices will be sent home by the end of this week (8th March). We appreciate all of those parents who have offered support with transport. Please contact us as soon as possible if circumstances have changed or if we have the number of passengers incorrect.

A final notice will come home with all students next week. Please read this carefully as it will contain important information about drop off organisation for the morning we leave to camp. This can be a very chaotic morning.

Important Notices